Build your own animation video giving guidance to your students on what they need to do if leaving during the Christmas break

Going Home - four in a square.gif

The government have strongly advised all students to leave their university accommodation and travel to their home address during a 'travel window' of 3 - 9 December. Ensure you give your students the information they need to know during this busy time in a clear, concise and cost effective way.

We've built upon the success of our earlier COVID-19 Comms Toolkit, adding new animations to reflect the very latest in government advice. You can buy as many animations as you want and put them in any order so you can build your own video.



The animated scenes cost £100 each and you can purchase as many or as few as you like.

Prices for bespoke options are available on request.


All the animations have been designed and pre-built for a fast turnaround. However there are elements that can be tailored to your needs. Customisation options include:

  • Editing the on-screen text that appears underneath each animated element

  • Adding your university/business logo at the beginning and end

  • Adding your university/business logo as a watermark in the top right corner of the frame

  • Tailoring the call to action/contact details at the end of the video


To keep costs low, we have limited the ability to customise the animation style and design. However if this is required we can provide a bespoke cost to customise areas such as:

  • Changes the animation (including colour palette)

  • Adding voiceover

  • Creating additional scenes not included in the toolkit

  • Changes to the music track


​We'll provide your animation in all the formats you'll need. Plus if you need any other formats, just let us know.

  • Web ready HD (16:9, 1080p) video file, with animation scenes in the preferred order—suitable for YouTube

  • Social media ready (square aspect ratio) video file, with animation scenes in the preferred order—suitable for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook upload

  • Social media ready (square aspect ratio) video files and GIF files of individual scenes—suitable for individual upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as part of a campaign

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