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Why induct when you can welcome?

browzer® Student Welcome from Campuslife allows you to create an engaging and mutually beneficial online pre-arrival experience for your students. The first impressions created at this stage will lay the foundations for the future relationship. So our Student Welcome platform places students’ needs at the very centre of how it works.


Designed to engage

Student Welcome is designed so that you engage with your students more effectively and efficiently, right from the start.


Gain control, reduce costs

Manage a professional, content rich platform without needing to be an IT whizz! Save time and expensive outsourcing costs.


Achieve better induction compliance

An engaging style and rewards incentives ensure that students are keen to complete their induction, while the system tells you exactly which aspects of Student Welcome your new students have engaged with.



Engage with your new students more efficiently and effectively, right from the start



Achieve induction compliance in a more engaging and efficient way



Gain control – manage a professional, content- rich platform while reducing time and expensive costs



Capture data – know exactly what aspects of Student Welcome your new students have engaged with



Learn more about your new students, so that you can provide a more tailored student experience



Integrate your Student Welcome to promote other student services on campus


User Friendly

Our system is very easy to use without having to be an IT whiz!


Mobile Compatible

Ours is the only system that works on mobiles and tablets, the devices of choice for most students.


Personalisation and's all in your hands

browzer® Student Welcome is fully controllable by you, so you can personalise the experience to your own organisation's style. Our system provides full information on each student and what they’ve engaged with. You can also include profiling questions to learn more about your students.

“The interactive content was great, much easier than just reading”

Student, Northumbria University

“As a returning student - I have to say this was a fantastic way to get welcome information across. Everything was clearly presented and understandable.”

Second year Nottingham Trent University student

“Student Welcome has changed the way we think about managing our students’ pre-arrival experience.”

Emma Furnival, Assistant Director Hospitality and Accommodation Services, Wolverhampton University

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