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The Guide to Student Communication in a COVID-19 world

With every day that passes, one thing has become increasingly clear: some form of the measures that are in place today are here to stay for a very long time. The likelihood of in person teaching, move in weekend and a buzzing campus alive with new students in September is looking increasingly slim.

What’s also become very apparent is the importance in clear and consistent communication during this difficult time. Good communication gives people clarity and confidence at a time when people need it the most. It positions the communicator as a source of trusted information, someone to follow and listen to when they speak.

For millions of students across the country, good communication, right now is vital. Students and their parents are stuck in a fog of uncertainty, questioning what’s going to happen come September and beyond.

Universities may not have all the answers right now, but what they can do is be clear on what they can help with right now, outline the support they will provide based on predictions of what might happen in the future; and communicate these solutions in a clear and consistent way.

This guide does just that. Focussed around the Accommodation and Student Support experience at university, we’ve analysed research and insight into what is and may happen across the sector, qualifying everything with our own discussions with current and prospective students to provide the most comprehensive guide to communicating with students during this difficult time.

Download it here:

A Guide to Student Communication in a CO
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