Over a decade of working directly with students across the UK means we're in the best position to talk to them on your behalf.

And that's harder than it sounds.

By acting as an unbiased and neutral third party between a university and its' students, we're able to use our expertise in student communication and engagement to get honest answers from the questions you want to ask.

Our student focus group service allows you to make more confident strategic decisions by demonstrating a real understanding of what your students feel and want from their experience.

Used by the University of Wolverhampton, Heriot Watt University, the University of Nottingham and many more institutions to improve their student experience, reinforce business cases and unlock additional revenue.

Take a look at what we've learned from some of our past focus group work or get in touch to see what you could learn from your students.



How do you know if the content you've created is being found by students? What are they thinking when (or if) they find it?

Our Watch Me Think service shows you.

We work with prospective (6th form) and current students to understand the journey they take online to discover and engage with the content you produce.

Watch Me Think videos provide visibility on the digital journey students take to find your content, their decision making process and reaction to what they find. Make more informed decisions on your content creation, structure and signposting online.

Used by King's College London to gain insight into their prospective students' accommodation filtering and decision making process.

Get in touch to see an example of Watch Me Think in action and understand how it can help you create and structure more efficient and engaging student content.

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Your online presence is often the first interaction a prospective student is going to have with you.

Today, first impressions count more than ever before.

Get a holistic review of your online presence from our team of social experts. Get practical advice on how to improve your communication and experience better engagement with prospective students.

The audit reviews the information presented on your main webpages; the post frequency, follower interaction and general performance of your social media accounts plus much more. It’s all combined with our expert knowledge of student engagement and social trends, providing you with the definitive resource and strategy for ensuring your content performs at its best in all the online spaces your students are in.

Find out exactly what we look at and why.



What are students telling their friends about you online? What are they commenting on in the spaces outside of your social channels?

Learn what students are saying about you and your brand online in order to pre-empt questions, provide more relevant content and increase engagement.

Use our Social Media Listening service to plug the holes in your marketing strategy. We’ll reveal what students are saying about you online and why it’s vital to listen to them to refine your brand presence.

We’ll conduct a full scale review of these comments and discussions, providing you with a breakdown of where people are talking about you, how you can join these conversations and uncover the general social media sentiment of your brand.

Learn what we could find and how this can help with your marketing strategy.

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Re-think how you attract and engage Chinese students with our expert Chinese social media service.

We're unique in that we work directly with your Chinese students to create and share content online in China, producing an authentic, peer led approach to recruiting the biggest single demographic of international students in the UK.

Stand out online in China with the right content on the right platforms.

Learn more here.