Vertical video; a shift in landscape

Vertical video; a shift in landscape

Adam Omar
16th January 2018

Ah, vertical video. Its mere mention is sure to result in mixed response - some love it, some hate it and some aren't bothered! Yet, the reality is, it’s here, so if you fall in the hate camp just bear with us for a second here.

Vertical video has been around for quite some time, but it seems 2017 was the year it got taken seriously. That’s no doubt thanks to YouTube finally updating its iOS app to allow vertical videos to be viewed as they should together with the release of the iPhone X - which is pretty much all screen! Other popular apps and services helped the trend too - HQ Trivia, an app that allows users to play along with live game shows, now utilises vertical video. As does Spotify, promoting portrait-style music videos.

There’s a very good reason why use of vertical video is increasing across more and more apps, platforms and content producers- vertical video looks good (on the right device!). Don’t misunderstand us, we’re not saying that vertical video is a new style of videography that should be adopted by all mediums. Imagine watching a film at the cinema in vertical form - the thought alone is enough to induce a headache! However think about how you hold your phone - vertically! Then think about your students and the apps they use on their phone - Snapchat, FaceTime, Instagram, YouTube...all social media! You might be sitting at your desk reading this on your laptop or your desktop computer but your students are consuming most of your content on a vertical screen.

So, it’s time to start producing content that fits the way we hold our phones. In doing so you’ll be able to hold your audiences engagement up to 9 times longer. Why? Because who wants to see those annoying black bars on the side of your screen when viewing something? Together with this, humans are lazy! Turning your phone 90 degrees is not something we want to do, it’s an annoyance.

As ever, we pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, so we’re excited to be able to slot vertical video into our ever increasing catalogue of awesome products. The great news is we can repurpose any video content we’ve created for you before into a vertical video.

Check out the this example of the University of Bath’s guide to starting university. (On your phone, of course!)

If you'd like to speak with us about a vertical video project or adapting a previous project we'd love to hear from you:

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