The benefit of looking back

The benefit of looking back

Joe Burrows
8th January 2018

We’ve all made the excuse “I haven’t got time”, but sometimes it's important to pause and reflect on where we've got to so far, and what we could do differently...

If we don't, a little ways down the line you might realise the work you're producing is pretty much the same stuff you did last year - with a different name.

Everyone finds themselves in some sort of creative rut every now and then, and it’s looking back and analysing what you’ve done before that I believe helps combat staleness and increases new inspiration and productivity.

In the video team at Campuslife, we set aside a whole day to sit down and review all of our work over the past year. We each pick the video we're most proud of, and the one that we felt we could have improved the most. It was incredibly refreshing to hear each other’s honest opinions and see how our skills have developed. We discovered that we were finding creative solutions very quickly, simply by chatting amongst ourselves and bouncing ideas off of one another.

For the final part of the day, we stripped down our video making process to a handful of core principles.

We revisited our system for deciphering what the customer needs and how we go about meeting those needs. We went back to basics and tried to pick out the key elements that our audiences would identify with. We analysed our work with the "what, how, why" principle and collated some really good points.

It’s been identifying our strengths and weaknesses, as now we're able to build on them as a team. We learnt a lot about each other’s specialisms, how we can better work as a team, and most importantly how we can continue to innovate and stay relevant to today’s students.