5 things students expect in October...

5 things students expect in October...

Adam Omar
11th October 2017

After the whirlwind of September, your students are now settled in and starting to adjust to their new uni lifestyle. But what’s really on their mind this month? And how can you give them the information and support they need to keep smiles on their faces?

Here’s what students expect this month...

1.To make friends

Some students will have bonded with their flatmates and coursemates by now, but for those who haven’t, making friends is pretty high on their list of priorities. Shyer students find it hard to integrate and don’t feel confident going out in a new city with people they barely know.

However, events held in halls or the Students Union like movie or quiz nights could be great options for them, so make sure your events boards are updated regularly and events are advertised at reception.

Top Tip: It might just be a case of reassuring your students that, despite what they see in films, uni friendships aren’t all formed in Freshers week! There are plenty more opportunities to make friends. If they didn’t get round to joining clubs and societies in September, there may still be opportunities to join this month, so make sure they know about them!

2. To have their best Halloween yet

It might sound trivial, but Halloween is one of the biggest nights in the student calendar. Think horror movies, fancy dress, flat parties and of course, the big night out. As we know parties will be happening around the 31st, it’s a good time to get some safe-drinking messages out there and even offer some tips on where to buy cheap costumes and decorations.  

3. To feel safe

Whether they consciously think about it or not, safety is a big issue for students at this time of year, with darker nights and the complacency that can creep in once they realise they survived Freshers’ week in one piece!

Make sure your students know the safest routes to get to and from uni and the city centre, and encourage them to take care with valuables both out and about and in halls. It’s also a good idea to raise awareness of campaigns like “Grope free nights” and “You wouldn’t sober, you shouldn’t drunk” so that students feel safer on nights out.

4. To be told about student events

Freshers week may be over but there are still loads of events in October, and your students want to know about them! Whether they’re social or careers-related, students really appreciate being told about events as early as possible.

5. To receive help and support

September is all about arrivals week, Freshers and finding your feet, but now we’re in October, students might require support in other ways. Whether it’s a maintenance issue in their flat, help resolving problems with flatmates, or having someone to discuss their money worries with, it’s vital students know there are services to turn to all year round, and exactly where they can find them.

When it comes to students we've got our fingers on the pulse, and we know how to keep them happy all year round.

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