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'We translate your messages and deliver them to the heart of the student community'

Campuslife is one of the UK's leading student communication companies. Working alongside over 85 of the UK's leading higher education institutions, we provide a wide spectrum of University services with innovative, exciting and creative solutions designed to engage with your students on a huge range of issues, information and services.

We know you and your departments have lots of important messages that you need to get across to students, and sometimes it can be a challenge making them listen. At Campuslife, we work with you to make sure these messages get to whoever needs to hear them, in a way they understand and engage with.

We create projects purely with
universities in mind

Products & Services

Within the last 7 years, Campuslife has developed a range of unique, innovative and unrivaled digital solutions. From the launch of our award-winning project "studentcooking.tv" to our latest market-leading communications hub "browzer", we have listened and responded to the needs of this diverse and ever-changing market, with great success and recognition.

We create and design these projects purely with universities in mind, helping each of them to create a bespoke communications web presence. With Campuslife's expertise, universities can enable, build and maintain dialogue with students using exciting and engaging web and video content.

Get important messages out to students
in a quick, effective and measurable way


browzer.co.uk screenshot
'Communicating with students has never been so essential'

We know you have messages that need to reach a huge number of students across campus and sometimes doing this isn't simple, easy or cost effective. This is where Campuslife can help...

Browzer is a new communications resource designed to give your department a voice within the student body. Answering a demand for a means to get important messages out to students in a quick, effective and measurable way, browzer has the ability to make one update reach every student on your campus and in your accommodation.

Whether you want to make students aware of the latest offers in your outlets, promote campaigns and events, or make students aware of upcoming maintenance work, browzer will allow you to do it using dynamic and varied content.

We're aware that you don't have all the time in the world so we've designed browzer to ensure any one piece of content is automatically sent through to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, plasma screen systems and even the mobile phones in students' pockets.


The website

Browzer is a powerful communications platform that makes your content king. At the heart of the system is our web interface, designed from the ground up and developed from a deep understanding of what a university department needs to effectively communicate.


browzer dashboard
'Not just a website!'
iPhone showing browzer app

The App

Browzer comes with a mobile app available on iPhone, Android & iPad, so now your messages can go directly into students hands. Through the app students can access all updates, look at tagged campus maps, and download discount vouchers to use in outlets on campus.

'Get your messages directly to students with the app for iPhone and Android'
Student using iPhone
'Campuslife provide you with an Account Manager to work with you throughout the year'

Dedicated Support

Campuslife will be right at your side throughout the year. We'll provide you with an Account Manager to work with you throughout the year and make sure you're getting the very best from browzer. They'll help you to create student-friendly content, give you ideas for stories, events and offers, and they'll add fantastic videos.

studentcooking.tv shows students how to cook
great tasting and healthy meals on a budget

Student Cooking.TV

Student Cooking website
'studentcooking.tv is great way to enhance the student experience'

Studentcooking.tv is an award-winning online video series that shows students how to cook great tasting and healthy meals on a budget.  The channel is a great way to boost the student experience on campus with a wide range of video resources, from live cook-offs, where your students get involved, to cooking demos and a unique series of videos showcasing local food sources and gastronomic highlights.

On the website, there's a comprehensive recipe database, including many video recipes, taking students step-by-step through basic dishes like stir-frys and lasagne. Plus there's an online shopping map where students can search for the best deals in town as well as our unique 'Food Diary' system, allowing students to work out the nutritional content of the food they eat and plan their weekly meals.

'The online equivalent of asking your mum a question about cooking..but with a little more style!'
Students cooking

Studentcooking.tv is a stylish and informative channel which reassures students that they can still cook great tasting and nutritious meals without being limited by their kitchen or their budget.

We tailor our service to meet the specific needs of each university that we work with, giving accommodation and catering departments the opportunity to communicate with their students in a more direct and effective way. Our videos showcase accommodation and catering facilities to prospective students, integrating existing special offers and campaigns, and providing the university and its departments with valuable online exposure. 

Students can search for tasty recipes, find the best places to shop in our regional shopping guides, take part in live cook-offs and star in our award winning videos. 

Effective video products on a low budget,
without sacrificing quality or content

Ready To Use

'Low-cost, ready-to-use, high quality video content.'

In simple terms, this is a series of films which are ready to be used.

Produced using a generic front, all of these films can be adapted to include information and branding that is specific to you. They are designed for customers who need low-budget, effective video products that don't sacrifice on content or quality. 

Campuslife at work

International Student Safety

International students are some of the most vulnerable students on your campus. Figures issued by the Police have shown that around 60% of student crime involves an overseas student.

This film contains a wealth of information intended to help international students stay safe when out and about, in their residences and around British cities. With international reputation being such an important part of a student's decision to study in the UK, this film features international students talking about why they feel safe in Britain and what makes Britain a great place to live, work and study.

Presented by international students, this film is the definitive way to communicate with your own international student community, and help them feel reassured about living in the UK.

International Student Safety

Mental Wellbeing

Over 10% of UK students will experience some form of mental wellbeing issue whilst at university.

Campuslife has produced an informative, engaging and measured video, designed to offer an inital level of help and reassurance to students in higher education.

Our ready-to-use video features vital information on the issues that students might encounter such as academic stress, homesickness and financial worries, and some simple tips on how to make lifestyle changes that could benefit their mental wellbeing (taking regular exercise, having balanced meals and getting a good night's rest).

The film is presented by two current medical students and manages to capture a balance of informal, friendly advice with a relaxed, ambient feel.

Mental Wellbeing

Student Budgeting

Over 70% of British students claim that their financial situation gives them cause for stress and worry during their university career.

This film has been produced alongside finance professionals, to provide key information on money management (such as making a termly budgeting plan, managing credit cards, overdrafts and loans,) saving tips (turning of lights, making food budgets, travel cards) and advice on how to make money while being a student (selling old course books, finding a job).

This fun and entertaining video is an essential resource providing students with useful information on managing finances. Presented by current students, the film is relaxed, humorous and ultimately engaging for the target audience.

Student Budgeting

Student Sustainability

We have produced this film in partnership with CUBO with the aim of combating the HE sectors' need to address sustainability as a key objective.

The film lets students know which steps they can take in their day-to-day lives to improve sustainability on campus, "speaking" to them on a level that resonates with them and that will encourage them to take action.

After gathering feedback from CUBO member institutions, we developed the definitive list of sustainability-related tips, including saving energy, efficient and economical food preparation ideas, and sustainable transport methods. You may wish to feature your own sustainability initiatives in the film to make the resource more relevant to you and your students.

Fire Safety

This film, created with input from the Fire Service, focuses on the importance of correct fire safety procedure in preventing a fire. It also emphasises the issues surrounding false alarms and how they can best be avoided.

We spoke to a number of universities about their fire safety education and found that a lot of existing videos being used to instruct students weren't engaging with their target audience. This was because many of the videos were dated and were perceived to patronise where they should inform. As a result these videos failed to emphasise how important the issue of fire safety really is. Campuslife's Fire Safety film combines information and a current tone and feel to deliver a popular and student-friendly resource.

Fire Safety


Meningitis is carried by 1 in 4 of young people aged between 15-19, meaning that a high proportion of university undergraduates are exposed to this potentially deadly illness during their time in higher education.

Working with students and GP's, Campuslife has created an informative and helpful video covering the most common Meningitis symptoms. Containing essential information and advice for students, this film also allows you to add additional information relating to you and contact numbers, safeguarding the health and well being of your students specifically.

Meningitis Awareness

Drink Safe

With a startling rise in binge drinking amongst students across the UK, this film is aimed at providing universities with the ideal interactive resource to tackle alcohol-related problems on campus.

Addressing the key issue of student welfare and alcohol consumption, this film contains information on the effect drinking has on your health as well as covering other issues such as drink spiking, drink-related anti-social behavior, and personal safety.

Drink Safe

We create engaging, dynamic and interactive video
that gives an authentic feel of student life


'Who knows the most about living in your accommodation? Your students!'
Students outside halls

It is essential that when prospective students begin the process of selecting their halls of residence, their first impressions are as positive as possible. We create engaging, dynamic and interactive video that gives a real feel of life as a student, and acts as a promotional tool in the student recruitment process.

Viewers will be able to get a feel for the living spaces available to them and will get an idea of what it is like to be a student living in halls. They will get an in-depth look into bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas, and will be presented with all essential information, thereby simplifying the accommodation selection process.

Ensuring that halls of residence fill maximum occupancy is becoming increasingly important within the Higher Education sector.

Nobody wants empty rooms within university accommodation, and it has never been more important to attract second and third year students back into your halls of residence. However sometimes communicating and interacting with them can be a challenge. 

Campuslife has worked with universities from across the sector, to create engaging, attractive and effective video content showcasing your accommodation to returning students.  Deigned to appeal to a different, yet highly lucrative student market, these videos re-acquaint your students with all the benefits and positive features of university accommodation.  

'Make your offer stand out for returning students.'

Make your courses and academic offerings
stand out against the competition

Course Promo

Following the increase in tuition fees, it is expected that students will increasingly see themselves having certain consumer rights and powers of scrutiny. Students will become integral stakeholders in universities across the UK and therefore communicating with them is essential.

It is important that you can make your courses and academic offerings stand out against the competition in order to attract the best and brightest students. Combined with an urgency for university departments to become more transparent in the wake of fee increases, students want to know what a degree from your university can really do for them.

'Bringing your course to every screen'

We can help you deliver clear, engaging and concise information direct into the areas where students and prospective students can be found. Now, more than ever, it is important to inform a broad demographic of young people - using quality, relatable information - about what your courses can give them and how studying with you can enhance their lives.

Course Promo diagram

We produce an effective product
that actively communicates with your students

Tailor Made

Whether you want to showcase your halls of residence, or you need to revamp your enrollment system using video, we have a service to offer you. In recent years we have worked extensively with Residential and Commercial Services departments, giving us an excellent understanding of your goals and how we can help you to achieve them.

We offer an endless range of services from accommodation podcasts to help students decide where to live, to video campus guides showing them what's available to them on campus. We are able to work closely with the department to find out what your communication needs are, allowing us to produce an effective product that actively "speaks" to your students.

'Video that's all about you!'

Clear, dynamic strategies for
engaging with and understanding students


We are aware that universities need to engage with their student customers in ways that are familiar to them. The modern student uses networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube every day, accessing information and communicating in ever-changing ways.

Featuring video on university websites as well as on social networks allows universities to engage with students in ways that have not been previously possible, and we have the expertise and services to make this happen.

A selection of some
of our valued customers


Royal Holloway University of London: Facilities Management

Melanie Loizou, Director of Campus Services at Royal Holloway University of London says 'We have worked with Campuslife for three years now and have developed a very good working relationship with them.

Campuslife is a young and dynamic company that understands students' needs and therefore how to engage with them using the latest technology. My experience is that every member of the team is committed to giving excellent customer service. As a company they have taken the time to understand our drivers and organisational goals, which has meant we have been able to give them free reign of the campus and unlimited access to our staff and students.

We have worked on a number of different initiatives with Campuslife and they always take time to understand the brief and we have been more than happy with the end results. Consequently I would have no hesitation in recommending Campuslife.'

Royal Holloway video
'I would have no hesitation in recommending Campuslife'

Geoff Pringle, Director Campus Services, University of Exeter

'Campuslife have been working with Campus Services and Academic Services at the University of Exeter over the past 18 months to produce a number of films for both internal and external use. These films have included promotional and training material for the Forum, advice to students on cooking, shopping, healthy eating etc. and an international 'cook-off' competition. Campuslife are currently producing 'A Day in the Life of Campus Services' film for training and promotional purposes.

Campuslife are an easy organisation to work with, they have an excellent understanding of the HE sector and they produce quality material targeting the style of the film to the intended audience; their customer service and professionalism is excellent. Campuslife were awarded a 'CUBO' this year as Business Partner of the Year.'

Exeter video
'Campuslife have an excellent understanding of the HE sector'

Debbie Grant, Assistant Director of Campus Living, Loughborough University

'Campus Living have now used Campuslife's services for over 5 years. During this time they have produced a number of successful projects and initiatives including videos to promote our accommodation portfolio and implement a whole new approach to staff training using interactive multimedia.

The work conducted by the team has always met, and often exceeded our expectations. Campuslife are now a key partner to Campus Living taking a front line position in the strategy and delivery of our communications to both students and staff. I would without hesitation recommend Campuslife.'

Loughborough University
'Campuslife are now a key partner to Campus Living.'
Student Cooking at St Andrews
'Raising awareness about sustainability, showcasing the local area and its culinary offerings.'

St Andrews: studentcooking.tv

Studentcooking.tv has been an integral part of the student experience at St. Andrews for the last three years, helping to build invaluable links between the commercial services team and the student body. The project has allowed the university to engage with students on a whole host of pressing issues, from raising awareness about sustainability and showcasing the local area and its culinary offerings, to getting students working alongside the catering team.

The project has also proved to be extremely popular with the considerable international student community at the university, offering many of these students the ideal means to understand local culture and integrate well at the university.  In addition to this, the project has created a wealth of opportunities for participating students, with a number going on to enjoy burgeoning careers in the media.

'Student communications has to be flexible and dynamic.'

Browzer at the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has a student population of nearly 25,000, meaning that student communications has to be flexible, dynamic and multifunctional in order to reach everyone.

Browzer launched at Sheffield in late 2012, giving Commercial Services an invaluable, innovative and effective tool to open up a conversation with their student body across a range of online arenas.  Harnessing social media systems such as Facebook and Twitter, the university can deliver updates about campus news, campaigns, promotions and events to a wide audience, while also having their own interactive and exciting space for students to utilise.  Browzer has enabled a new era of dialogue between the university and a receptive student body; a development which has proved lucrative, productive and irreplaceable. 

Cambridge: DrinkSafe

Student welfare has always been important to universities across the UK, but finding an appropriate, relevant way to talk to students about issues such as alcohol can be difficult. 

Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge, approached us about a project designed to inform students about the dangers of excessive drinking whilst at university, but in a way that did not isolate the student viewer. We created a short, balanced film, led by actual students, which highlighted some of the issues facing Cambridge students on a night out. We also included information about the drinking culture at Cambridge and also practical advice for having a safe night out. With cooperation from the local police force, the landlords association and the NHS, the video proved to be a huge success amongst students and won critical acclaim from news agencies as far away as India and the USA.

'We created a short, balanced film, led by actual students.'

One of the UK's leading
student communications companies

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